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Netriplex LLC is a privately held, leading provider of Hosted DNS Solutions. Founded in 1999 as a hosting company with its flagship datacenter in Boston, Massachusetts, Netriplex once offered a complete array of solutions from anti-spam protection, managed and dedicated server hosting, colocation, cloud computing and more from facilities around the United States and Europe.

Today, Netriplex has returned to its roots and continues to operate one of the world’s largest and most robust mission critical DNS platforms. Originally launched in 2001 and fully Anycast enabled in 2003, DNS Hosting for the small business, enterprise, government and service provider markets remains our singular focus. It’s all we do, and we do it well – with passion – for some of the biggest names and brands on the planet.

Our clients come from almost every sector of the economy including healthcare, Banking, Financial Services, Information Technology including Hosting and Software-as-a-Service, Architecture & Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Not-for-Profit and many others. Some of our largest clients have been with us for over a decade, and we’ve enjoyed supporting them and watching them grow.

Our management team is comprised of seasoned veterans, visionaries and entrepreneurs who have been in Information Technology and the Internet since the 1990’s. This team has created, nurtured, and sold a variety of organizations and business units, and completely understands technology and exactly what customers want – the best solutions backed by world-class support at competitive rates. That’s what Netriplex is all about.

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